My story


Hi, my name is Trafford. Welcome to my story.

Etchmaster came to life in early 2021 when my stars finally aligned, and I decided it was time to take the plunge and turn my creative passion into my career.

In the years before starting Etchmaster my previous careers were always very structured with little space for any creative outlet. I served 5 years in The Australian Regular Army as an Infantry Soldier with the 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment. My service saw me deploy to East Timor on peacekeeping operations and to Afghanistan on combat operations.

The Army has taught me some valuable skills that I now take with me into my new venture. Values such as integrity, precision, attention to detail and effective communication are what underpins all at Etchmaster.

As with everything in life, each action has its reaction, and while the Army was an incredibly positive experience for me in many ways, my combat service has left me with PTSD and anxiety.

Being creative and taking materials from a raw form to something of beauty has been my outlet and instrumental in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and thus Etchmaster was born.

I love working with timber on a daily basis, its natural grain and knots ensure each piece I make is unique. The smell of the fresh sawn timber or the hint of a smokey campfire as the laser cutter works its way through a sheet of plywood draws me back into the workshop each morning.

All of my products are made by me, in my workshop right here in Perth. Etchmaster has a range of giftwares, home décor, small furniture pieces and customisable items. I also do large scale batched products for business promotions and sporting clubs.

Thanks for taking the time to better understand how Etchmaster was created and I hope you love how good my pieces look in your home as much as I love making them.

Kind regards,

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